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For the sixth episode of Hotel, Room 33, the story reveals a shocking secret from the Countess’ past. AHS also reveals a blossoming love affair between Liz Taylor and Tristan. Meanwhile, Alex teams up with some of the hotel’s ghostly residents to haunt John’s nightmares. Oh, my! All this an more…

Welcome to The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Hotel. This the unofficial podcast about the hit FX Horror Television show American Horror Story by fans for fans as brought to you by, and Now in its fifth highly anticipated season, the award winning genre show is set to push even more boundaries and break even more unimaginable taboos with Hotel. The theme this season surrounds the occupants and guests of the cryptic, noir-ish Hotel Cortez. Returning to co-host the fan podcast are Doc Rotten and Thomas Mariani. They are being joined by fellow Hannibal Fan Podcast co-hosts Dave Dreher and Christopher G. Moore for this season.

The American Horror Story Fan Podcast: Hotel
Episode 6 – Room 33

Doc and Thomas man the front desk this week as Christopher G. Moore heads off to the New York City Horror Film Festival to promote his film, Knob Goblins, while Dave Dreher stays home to nurse an early winter cold. Things start to unravel at the Hotel Cortez this week as Tristan and Liz Taylor face the quiet, but forceful, wrath of the Countess. A surprising new character is introduced named Bartholomew who wrecks havoc onto John Lowe’s life and strengthens the bond between Alex Lowe and the Countess. Before all can be said and done, Donovan and Ramona Royale makes their first strike against their lost love. Agnetha and Vendela, the Swedish dead cuties from the first few episodes, return to learn their horrible – and quite bloody – fate.

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AMERICAN HORROR STORY -- "Room 33" Episode 506 (Airs Wednesday, November 11, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Chloe Sevigny as Alex Lowe. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FX

AMERICAN HORROR STORY — “Room 33” Episode 506 (Airs Wednesday, November 11, 10:00 pm/ep) Pictured: Chloe Sevigny as Alex Lowe.
CR: Ray Mickshaw/FX

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